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  • Visa approved(?)

    Hello everyone,,

    I'm from Bangladesh. I am going for undergrad study at US starting from fall 2019. So today was my visa interview. The VO only checked the passport and I 20. He asked why I chose this school. He asked who will pay for my living costs (my tuition fee is waived). My parents will bear this cost so he also asked their occupation and monthly income ( while answering, I added that they also have a large saving for my education). He did not ask anything else. At the end, he gave me a leaflet showing: Your visa is approved. But he said something I couldn't hear properly. All I could understand is: "You'll hear from us in five days". Seeing the approval on the leaflet, I did not bother asking him to clarify again.

    So my question is: does that leafedloan irs.gov easybib
    flet mean my visa has been approved? Or nothing is decided until I hear from them? If so, then why would he give me this leaflet in the first place?
    Thanks in advance.
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