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Reg dependent residence on student visa

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  • Reg dependent residence on student visa

    Hi. I will be coming to the US on a student visa for my 1 year MBA. I am a single mom and would like to bring my daughter to the states. However, I wanted to make the most of my time in college so wanted to have my daughter stay with my sister and study. My sister stays in a different state (Virginia) compared to where my MBA school (MA) is. Will my daughter be allowed to go to school in that state? What should be the procedure/paper work needed for this to happen.

    I'm a little worried since the latest news about an African American woman being jailed because she enrolled her kid in a school in a different location than her residence. Please advise.

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    Greetings, I'm a dad of two - both kids go to a public school in Virginia. But I'm living in the same school district, so it's ok in this case. I'm afraid, it's not that easy in your situation. The Residency Requirements presuppose that a child must live either with a parent, a parent by legal adoption, the court-appointed guardian or another person (your sister) should have legal custody of the child or in loco parentis. I found all legal documents needed for submission and had to write my essay in my college where the listing with the status was approved.
    Read this document: Enrollment of Undocumented Students From Foreign Countries and Other Enrollment Requirements >> COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.
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