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F1 OPT to H1B Consular Processing

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  • F1 OPT to H1B Consular Processing

    - My F1 OPT STEM extension date as per EAD card is till 06/29/2020
    - My H1B got approved i didn't get i797a "change of status" notice. So my status wont change from F1 OPT to H1B automatically.
    - Instead, I got i797b "consular processing" which indicate my status will change after stamping. But I will got for my stamping in feb 2020.
    - So now I have to be on my stem till feb 2020. But my sevp portal shows stem inactive from 10/01/2019

    What do i do?

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    Hi. My wife is in a similar situation. STEM OPT is valid until June 2020. Her company applied for O1 and received I797b for consular processing. Now her STEM shows inactive from Feb1. Could you please let me know what did you do in your case?


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      I am on F1 status now for masters degree.
      I completed a PAID internship (66 days) (within my field of study) in the Summer before graduation (undergrad) , I am realizing it was unauthorized because it was not under CPT.
      Left the US after graduation, now I am back for grad school under new I-20 and sevis record. A company will start the h1b process for me soon.

      Do I notify them of what happened?

      Will I get automatically rejected?

      Does the 245k apply to h1b?

      Does the 180 day rule for unauthorized employment work under h1b?
      I always worked on campus and this was my first internship. I never did CPT or OPT.