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F1 to H1B to F1 - Resident or Non-Resident Alien?

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  • F1 to H1B to F1 - Resident or Non-Resident Alien?

    Hi all,

    Searched a lot and read the Alien Residency Examples on the IRS website, but still confused. Really appreciate any help on this topic. Situation below:
    • Moved to US for the first time in 2011 in F1 - did a Master's and worked under OPT till Oct 2014
    • Transitioned to H1B and worked till July 2018 on H1B
    • Changed back to F1 for a 2nd Master's and currently studying full time under F1 (asking in March 2020, for anyone look at this much later)
    Would I be considered a Resident or Non-Resident Alien?

    Basically, is it the case that after the first 5 years under F1, we are always resident aliens or are there circumstances when you can become a non-resident alien again?

    Thank you very much,