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F1 and L2 dependent visa together

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  • F1 and L2 dependent visa together

    My son is on L2 dependent visa and currently in USA with me, joined the University this year in Sept. His petition (I-94) is valid till Apr-22, however the current L2 visa stamp expired in Apr-20. We intend to visit India next month where my employer would be processing L1/L2 visa stamping. Immediately post this (with-in two weeks), I intend to process his F1 stamping. My friends are suggesting that this might be an issue for him while interviewing for his F1 visa and they might reject his F1 visa despite having all relevant documents in-place and I should refrain doing these two visas together.

    We have not yet decided if he will travel on F1 immediately or re-enter on F1 couple of months down the line while continuing his second semester considering the current rule in place where he need to attend the classes in-person.

    Would there be an issue processing these two visas one after another in such short period ?

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    It is hard to say that how consulate will judge two applications in quick succession and whether they will doubt intentions. It is always safer to avoid this situation and directly go for F1 if that is what you need in near future. My daughter was in similar situation, She was on L2 here and visa was expired, we also wanted to change her visa to F1 so she visited India and got F1 visa. We did not try to 1st get L2 and then F1 though we were also considering it however we decided to go for F1 directly for the same reason as your friends are suggesting.

    Hope this helps.