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Help on this scenario for F1

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  • Help on this scenario for F1

    Hello Forum members,

    I have applied for an F1 Visa four times. Twice in 2016 (Jan intake) and twice in 2018 (Aug intake). The first two times I was refused a Visa for reasons unknown. However, in 2018 during my first attempt, everything went smooth, and almost on the verge of approval there came a question about the profession of the sponsor and that did not match with what I had answered in 2016 as I did not remember my answers. The VO interrupted me in between and told me, wait wait in 2016 you mentioned that it is this (XX business) and now you are mentioning this business) and told me that I cannot approve your visa. Everything went good and I had answered everything well but this final question didn't turn out in my favor. I gave it a try again but was refused maybe on the basis of the feedback from the previous interview.

    What are my chances of approval if I give it another shot in 2021?

    A friend of mine recently went for an interview. He and I were from the same batch, however, he graduated 6 years later from college from the actual date on which he was supposed to graduate. It took him ten years to complete his bachelor's degree but his Visa was approved in January 2021.

    Please drop some insights into this scenario.