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  • TN Visa Renewal

    I am a Canadian Citizen in the US on a TN1 visa as a systems analyst. My employer has filed for an H-1B for FY 2008. My TN expires on 07/28/2007. This means I will be out of status between August-September. I tried getting my visa renewal at the border but was denied on grounds that I have an electrionics engineering background. My question is, If I apply for renewal by mail, can I stay in the US till the end of september and return back in october on the new H1 status? How long does it take a mailed renewal application to process (I hope it takes forever, so I can change to H1 status in october). Also, I just have 8 weeks remaining, is there a specific timeframe in which I have to apply?

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    TN renew by Mail

    It would take 2/3 months for renew by mail for TN and it your responsibility to get renew before expiry... ie apply 3 month before.

    As your new TN Denied at the border for Qualification, It is record in the system and will pop-up during renew by mail also to Agent... so Better wait for H1 Stamping
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      does the computer record the deny history?

      I read some articles from other website. It mentioned that if you TN application denied, it will not be record at computer system, you still have chance to go the other borders to re-apply again.