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TD visa for spouse refused

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  • TD visa for spouse refused

    I am a dual Pakistani Canadian citizen working in US on TN visa (Nafta professional). I recently got married in Pakistan and my wife is only a Pakistani citizen. Her TD (dependent of TN) visa was refused by Islamabad embassy in Pakistan under section 214b 'failure to establish ties'.

    She took all main documents with her including copy of my TN approval, i-94, pay slips etc. and the officer did not ask her to show any other document.

    I am not sure what kind of ties the officer is looking for. Do we need to show ties with Pakistan or Canada? We don't have much ties in Canada except my Canadian bank account but in Pakistan we do have home and family ties.

    Also note that I left Pakistan 2nd day after our marriage and we suspect that that could also be a reaon of refusal. We suspect that the officer just handed her a generic refusal with 214b since according to m wife he was giving the same letter to everyone who got rejected that day.

    Any one with similar experice please help!

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    When did you guys get married? How long have you known each other? Was it an arranged marriage? When did you leave Pakistan? Why didn't you guys live together in Canada? When was the last time you saw her?

    You need to show your relationship is bonafide.