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    what is the grace perioud ( in terms of number of days ) to stay in the United States after loosing your job on TN visa ? also how long can spouse of TN visa holder who is a permenant residence of Canada and who is staying in US under TD visa can stay with her husband in Unites Sates after the lost of employment on TN visa ?

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    hello everyone,

    Hi everyone,

    Canadian software eng. student and I am just wondering if it is possible to get a green card if you come into the US on a TN Visa. I would rather get it from an employer than through marriage as I am not even thinking about that at the moment.

    I keep reading mixed answers online but for the most part, many people (including some lawyer websites) are saying that it is possible but it takes careful planning.

    This is the overview I have understood: TN -> PERM -> I-140 -> I-485+EAD+AP -> GC -> US Citizen

    Now, my concern is, if I get a job on a TN (valid for 3 years), I would have to establish no intent to live there when I go to the border but if the employer sponsors me for the I-140, is that legal? Would I be able to get my EAD+AP before my TN Visa is up? How early would the employer have to start the process to be safe within the 3 years and what happens if the 3 years are up and I have not received my EAD+AP?

    thanks and regards