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Does expediting my I-140 processing time speed up my Green card approval??

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  • Does expediting my I-140 processing time speed up my Green card approval??

    Hi Guys,
    I recently just applied for I-140 and I-485. I'm considering using premium processing (which would cost an extra $1440) for the I-140 so that I get a response within 15 days instead of 4-6 months. But does doing this speed up my Green card approval or is it a waste of money. I'm a Canadian on a TN visa.

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    Hi KAMDI ,

    Did you end up filling I-140 and 485? What is your experience so far? I am considering starting the GC process and wondering if you can share your experience.

    And if you can help with the following:
    1. How long should an applicant wait after getting the TN to start the GC process (Labour certification)?
    2. For Labour Certification do they need only the recent employment (client) letter or previous ones also?
    3. How long Labour took for you?
    4. What is better 485 or Consular processing?
    5. In worse case if GC is rejected, does it result in TN entry being denied or future TN visas being rejected?



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      1. You must not submit a I-485 within 90 days of your last admission. It's the 90 days rules where the USCIS will assume that nonimmigrant misrepresented themselves at the border during admission.
      2. For Labor certification, you will, at least, need your current and previous employer.
      3. For Labor certitication timeline, estimate 3-4 months for the Prevailing wages, 1-2 months of recruiting + Cooldown, 3-4 months for the certification. (As a personal example, My PERM certification was submitted December 14th 2018 and I received the results the first week of April 2019.)
      4. Speed is about the same for both. I-485 has that big advantage that you can get a C(9) EAD card during the process for you and your dependents.
      5. If I-485 is denied, you will be deemed inadmissible because of 214(b) for any single-intent nonimmigrant visa for at least a few years.