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Wrong Designation I-94

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  • Wrong Designation I-94

    I'm currently on a TN Visa in the US, and I just recently realized that when I last entered the US, I was listed as a "B2 Visa" on my I-94. However it says I'm a TN on my passport, but they listed the wrong end date on my passport (Jul 30). This was last Feb, as (obviously) I haven't had any reason to use a passport in the last year or so. How can I correct this?

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    If I were in your situation, I would get all required documents (Passport, Employment offer letter, Pay stubs from current employer, offer letter, and other educations credentials assessments) go to border again and get proper visa stamped, I am sure they will be able to correct the mistake. OR If you plan on leaving USA, while on your return you can get the stamping done at the immigration.