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TN Visa for Computer Systems Analyst - Queries

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  • TN Visa for Computer Systems Analyst - Queries


    I am qualified to apply for a TN Visa but wondering about my TN Visa approval probability at the Port of Entry since my education doesn't match with field of employment.

    1. I'm offered a job as Computer Systems Analyst here in the US while im on B2 visitor. Can i go to the border and get my TN processed the same day or stay in Canada for a while before going to the border for TN?
    2. I have a Masters in Administrative Science (Global Technology Administration) from Canada and Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) from India with 6.5 years of IT experience in Canada. What are my chances of approval since my education and field of employment wont match?
    3. I only had 5 courses from core IT through my education and 2 certifications related to my field of current employment in IT. Will this suffice to convince the CBP officer?

    Please provide suggestions on how to present my case stronger so that i can get approved with my profille.
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