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to DATV or not to DATV!

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  • to DATV or not to DATV!

    I have read in your site about the datv and transit visas.. But I still am a bit confused.
    I am not Indian, nor have I ever been to India. But I have ben suffering with knowing whether I need a datv or not. I hope you can help me out because none in my own country gave me a direct clear answer.

    I am a Lebanese girl, living in lebanon, with a lebanese passport only.
    , and booked a flight to go to the united states for 21 days from February second till the 22. The only visa that ill have on my passport is the tourist US visa
    I am flying with the british airways, and my first layover is in heathrow London for 2 hours. I have to switch from terminal 1 to terminal 5.
    Do I need a datv? I already have booked hotel in the usa . i also have health insurance and my tickets are all bought and if i cancel it I wont get a refund.
    What should I do? I am really worrying over it.
    I called the British airways and they said I dont need one, BUT on their own website they state otherwise!

    And on the UK border agency they say the same:

    But neither the British airways in Lebanon or the travel agencies I booked with say I should.
    I'm so confused and so worried. My layover is only 2 hours and I don't want to have issues.. i also don't have enough time to do anything.