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C1 is it better in our case?

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  • C1 is it better in our case?

    Morning, please help us,
    I'll got with with my peruvian girlfriend in Peru and as you can see

    in flight there is a stop on the Miami; details here

    Today embassy denied her B2 visa with this ragion
    INA Section 214 (b) - Visa Qualifications and Immigrant Intent

    We provided several documents


    But for me, it's only lucky having visa, and as you can see a note
    on governement site

    ----Visa Refusals---

    But the officer did not look at my documents, how can they determine

    my ties to my country of residence? Each applicant is given the

    opportunity to submit the DS-160 Non-Immigrant Visa application form

    which details their personal information. At the time of the

    interview, the Consular Officer will review this application form and

    ask any clarifying questions. Because of the large number of visa

    appointments scheduled each day, consular officers only have a short

    amount of time to interview each applicant and prefer to use this time

    to speak with applicants about their travel plans and ties rather than

    reviewing documentation, including letters of support. Letters of

    support from U.S. family and friends cannot guarantee visa issuance;

    rather, consular officers consider the travel plans and ties of each

    applicant to determine if the applicant overcomes the presumption of

    immigrant intent.

    Probably the fault was for not providing this
    1) Documents from your U.S. sponsor
    2) Documents supporting your purpose of Travel
    3) Documents demonstrating your financial capacity to support yourself

    during travel

    We just payd for all flight trips, including perĂ¹ 3 local flights...

    included trips rome-madrid two-way..

    She has full job contract from 3 years, and she lives in italy since

    2005 with regular permits, but she has not property, has a little bank

    deposit as she often send money to perĂ¹ family as all foreign people,
    only one brother that doesn't live with her; she earns only 700€ for

    month, will be this one, the problem?
    we have a friend in miami where we'll stay during our brief USA stop.

    Now we decide to change our request of visa, changing to C1 transit..
    do you suggest us, considering what i found on net?

    Does "214(b) - immigrant intent" apply to all non-immigrant visa


    No. B visitors and F students are most affected by 214b (immigrant

    intent), but H-1B and L1 workers are exempt from this requirement.

    There are also visa categories that do not have immigrant intent

    provisions. More specifically:

    Visa categories that have immigrant intent provisions: B, E, F, J, M,

    O-2, P, Q, and TN
    VIsa categories that do not have immigrant intent provisions: A, C, D,

    G, I, K, N, O-1, R, S, T, and U
    Visa categories that are excluded from the immigration intent

    requirement: H-1, L and V

    Or it's better retry with the same B2, with major documents?

    In case of C1, during Visa Application (DS-160),
    i have one great doubt..
    automatic system ask us, (Intended Date of Arrival);

    but i don't know anithing about
    Intended Length of Stay in U.S.
    for you is it better insert total staying of tour (in our example, 24

    days), or only 3 days in miami, considering layover of total 58 hours?

    And for question:
    Address Where You Will Stay in the U.S.
    we must insert airport address if we want demonstrate we'll stay in

    lounge during all 58hours???

    We're very hexaust for demonstrating to US embassy, our good proposes,
    please suggest us the best solution..

    Could you show me example of
    1) Documents from your U.S. sponsor
    2) Documents supporting your purpose of Travel
    3) Documents demonstrating your financial capacity to support yourself

    during travel

    Thanks in advance.

    Please help us, we're having crazy, if this change fails, we'll buy other direct flight from madrid. (other 650€..)