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Traveling on EAD/Advance Parole

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  • Traveling on EAD/Advance Parole


    I am planning to go to India via Cathay Pacific airline (1 hr stop in Hong Kong) to India from San Fransisco. I do NOT have any valid H1B visa or green card. I am EAD/Advance Parole combo card which is vaild till 01/2017. I have Indian passport vaild till 2020. Will that be an issue while traveling with Cathay Pacific airline? I know I can't go through Europe on EAD. However, I am not aware of rules for Hong Kong. I would really appreciate your guidance.

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    Traveling on EAD in Cathay Pacific

    Hi ABC_XYZ,

    Did you have any issues with EAD / AP travel in Cathay Pacific via HOng Kong from India to USA?

    We have our travels planned in August end.

    Let me know your experience.

    We were aware of this EAD / AP issue via Europe.

    But Airlines agent/customer care were not giving good response about this. They say it depends on the US customs. We checked with US customs in USA and they told that airlines needs to check with customs. But they can not answere to us.



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