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How to get a transit visa within the U.S.

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  • How to get a transit visa within the U.S.


    I am currently living in the U.S. and will be travelling to Germany. From there I will travel to Colombia and that flight is going via the U.S. I currently have a student visa which is not valid for re-entry, but I have an approved change of status notification for my H1B visa (for which I will need to get the stamp in Colombia). So for the change of planes from Germany to Colombia in the U.S. I will need a C1 transit visa, if I understand it correctly. The website of the US consulate in Germany says getting the C1 visa will require an average of 10 days, but I will not be that long in Germany, so I will need to get the C1 visa in the U.S.

    Does anybody know any phone number or website which indicates where I can get the C1 visa. I've been searching everywhere and couldn't find out about a contact.


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    You can't get transit visa within the US. You have to apply at the overseas consulate/embassy.
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