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How to obtain travel history to USA on C1/D visa

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  • How to obtain travel history to USA on C1/D visa

    My fiancee had C1/D visa and she has been to USA several times as a cabin crew.
    We are currently filling out DS160 form and they ask for all the dates and length she stayed in USA.

    1) We noticed that are no US entry stamps on her passport whenever she entered USA
    2) We also trying pulling out i94 records but no records are found. I am assuming that C1/D visa holders are exempt from i94?

    Basically how can we find out all travel history to USA?
    Thanks a lot

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    If your I-94 travel history is not pulling anything up, employment records of scheduling are your best bet for getting a record. Also, should refer to other sites to find out if cabin crew visits are recorded/counted differently.


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      If you travel to the United States to join the vessel you will work on, in addition to If you apply for the transit (C-1) visa at the same time as your crewmember (D0)

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