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What amount of money is considered sufficient for 2 mos stay on VWP? (US)

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  • What amount of money is considered sufficient for 2 mos stay on VWP? (US)

    I'm a US citizen and my boyfriend is coming to visit me in the US (he's from glasgow, scotland). He's been here three times before for shorter periods, 2-3 weeks, but this summer while we are both off school, he's planned to stay with me for about 55 days. He has got both his arrival and return ticket booked and is bringing about 700 American dollars with him; he's staying with my family and me so he doesn't need much money for food or lodging. Will this sound acceptable to customs? I'm worried about them denying entry because of insufficient funds, but we're both students and on a budget. My family takes good care of us both. I feel like I'm being paranoid, he's never had trouble with customs ever before, but because its the first time he's stayed this long I'm feeling nervous. Anyone have any insight or past experience with this?

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    700 bucks? Of course, there will be no problems, let him go quietly. Another question is, do you have enough money to have a good rest? I had the same situation when I was visiting a friend in Boston. I didn't know how much money to take, so I took some. But my friend decided to take me to a restaurant, a theater, and a Museum. and I didn't have enough money. But she also makes a little money and I asked her where she got the money from. It turns out that she uses the services of a financial adviser. She also gave me the contacts of the best financial adviser.
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