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recommendation letter from US DOS

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  • recommendation letter from US DOS

    Hi all,

    On January eleventh I had favorable recommendation of my waiver application, however it past 10 business day and I did not receive the letter of recommendation or the I797 (notice of action) from USCIS, I am getting crazy for not know how is the status of my application, anyone had a similar situation. Are there others way to get receipt number and check the status? and how long it takes for USCIS have a final decision?


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    Ohhh, this is much more difficult than a regular letter of recommendation for a job because there are all the details to consider. My friend from bulgaria once tried to get a visa to america and he made more than 3 attempts but in the end he could not get a visa. The problem turned out to be in an incorrectly formatted recommendation letter. This was a lesson to me and when I was composing a letter of recommendation for my colleague I decided to study this issue very carefully. I read all the tips at https://www.linkedjetpack.com/linked...ions-examples/ and figured out how to write a very cool recommendation. In the end, my friend got the job just because of my recommendation!
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