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New here, dont bash please! Asking for input on marriage ESTA

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  • New here, dont bash please! Asking for input on marriage ESTA

    Hello all!

    I am simply here to ask a few questions regarding this process. My girlfriends intention was NOT to get married one she arrived here on her VWP from the Netherlands,
    finding out she has to continuously come and go just to see me, we thought lets just get married.

    She came here on February 2nd, we plan on going to get married in April, and sending out forms I-130/A and I-485 shortly before the 90 day period. I have enough
    evidence to prove it is a bona fide relationship, and I am certainly not doing it for the money.

    Any input would be appreciated! Tips for submitting, things to look out for, etc.

    Thank you,


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    Hi there.

    You might have more luck getting a response in the immigration - adjustment of status section.

    Good luck!


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      as long as she's in the US with you she can adjust status..
      tell her she will have to miss goudse kaas en lekker brood though..

      ps if you're in the DC area, shoot me a PM (i'm Dutch and adjusting status)
      also the embassy will have a big kingsday party
      This is my opinion, not legal advice!

      AOS (c9) 2 USC - Conc. 485/130/131/765
      12-20-17 - PD
      01-25-18 - Biometrics
      03-31-18 - EAD/AP Combo card delivered
      06-26-18 - "Case is Ready to Be Scheduled for An Interview"
      08-26-18 - "we scheduled an interview for your Form I-485"
      09-04-18 - 2nd we scheduled
      09-10-18 - first interview canceled
      09-21-18 - Request to reschedule int
      10-23-18 - Renewal filed EAD/AP
      03-08-19 - EAD/AP Card in hand
      04-02-19 - We canceled your int


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        Hi guys,
        I am just simply asking for an update in your case since I am in a similar situation. Please kindly advice..