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Dropbox appointment with a kid (15)

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  • Dropbox appointment with a kid (15)


    I have taken appointment for myself, my wife and son (15) for dropbox.

    Appointment date: July 5th 2023

    However, a friend of mine told me that because my son is 15, he will have to attend for in-person interview and dropbox won’t work for him.

    I just contacted ustraveldocs customer service and they gave me a couple of options
    1. Go ahead with the scheduled appointment. They will look at the documents and will realize that your son is 15, and will call for an in-person interview. (If this happens, my guess/hope is I don’t have to go back to ustraveldocs and schedule an in-person interview, which may take months).
    2. Cancel the existing appointment. Remove my son from my account, while keeping my wife and myself. Create a new account and send the login details to ustraveldocs, who will add my son’s profile to this new account. Then look for 2 separate appointments, one for my wife and me and the other for my son… given the current situation, this may take months.

    I would really appreciate if anybody would share any info on this and their experiences. Also, I am specifically looking for risks in option # 1, where I can go ahead with current appointment and when they call us for in-person, hopefully it will be within few days.


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    how did you contact usatraveldocs?


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      You contacted usatraveldocs in what way?


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        Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the in-person interview for your son will take place within a few days. It is highly dependent upon the availability of the embassy staff and the backlog of existing cases. Therefore, it may be worth considering option 2 to ensure that your son receives his appointment as soon as possible. On the other hand, there is a risk of having to reschedule the appointment if the embassy discovers that your son is under 15 and requires an in-person interview. ​
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