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Wheel-chair, mobile, reason for out of state interview - urgent please

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  • Wheel-chair, mobile, reason for out of state interview - urgent please

    I have sponsored my parents for B2 visa and they will be appearing for interview on 25th at Delhi Embassy. I will be thankful if anyone can clarify the following:

    1. My father sees only with one eye and has low vision in the functional eye, but can interpret basic English. He typically manages fine with along with my mother, who cannot interpret English signs. If anyone remembers, does the path from entrance to the interview window have steps, long corridors, tricky doors to go through, etc. that NEED READING ENGLISH SIGNS. I called the USTravelDocs helpline to inquire about wheel-chair, just in case. They responded that wheel-chairs are available upon arrival at the embassy. At what point in the process do wheel-chairs become available?

    2. The website says no mobiles are allowed and NO STORAGE is provided for personal belongings? Do I read that right, can one not leave a mobile at security? If that is right, will the security staff help with calling a taxi after the interview?

    3. We are from Gujarat, so jurisdiction is Mumbai consulate. But, my mother's family lives in Delhi. So, it is easier for them to stay overnight, especially for my father. Do questions about 'why you didn't go to Mumbai still arise'? Having place for overnight stay in Delhi considered an acceptable explanation? Should they carry some proof of residence of my mother's relatives? I thought about this question, only after reading a related question on the forum.

    My father will be carrying medical documents with him.