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Visitor B1/B2 Visa just got rejected!!!

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  • Visitor B1/B2 Visa just got rejected!!!

    I am an indian national residing in UAE for the past two and a half years. I currently applied for a visitor visa (B1/B2) category to go to New York to sit for a New York Bar exam in July 2014. For the purposes of the interview I had taken the following documents:

    - Salary certificate
    -Six months bank statements
    - NY bar exam application
    - NY bar eligibility email - stating that I am eligible to sit for NY bar exam
    - tenancy contract in DUbai
    - employment contract

    During the interview I was asked following questions:

    - Why do you want to go to States?
    my answer: I wish to sit for a NY bar exam in July 2014, and I wish to qualify in NY state.

    - Why qualify in States?
    Its because I wish to have better employment opportunities in UAE. Most of the law firms in UAE like to have western qualified lawyers

    - So are you going to take a course or are you taking the exam?
    I am just taking the exam.

    [the VO went to speak with one of his colleagues for 5 mins and came back]

    - SO are you supporting yourself?


    -what is your salary?


    -Show me your bank account statements?

    I gave it to him

    Then he pointed one large payment coming to my account two months ago, and then he asked:

    -From whom did you receive this fund?
    from my parents

    And then he noticed that I sent that money back to my parents, and asked:
    So did they take it back?


    Then he went again to discuss with his colleague and came back. and said:

    We cannot give you visa right now because you do not qualify for the visitor visa.

    I was in complete shock since I have already paid all my fees, and course fee. I am thinking of re-applying for a visa to sit for Feb exam in 2015. I have two questions and I would really appreciate if anyone can answer:

    - The rejection paper says you can re-apply and produce new evidence to show social, economic and family ties in UAE that would compel you to leave the States. So should I re-apply after a couple of months when I will be married in UAE, to perhaps show that I have ample reasons to come back to UAE. or SHould I re-apply now and try to explain my case better.
    - what do you guys think I did wrong?

    I hope to get some constructive feedback!


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    Likely it was that large amount credit from your parents to your account.
    It added an element of suspicion that you may still be taking support from your parents.
    You should be careful about these things.

    Applying after getting married will increase your chances. As leaving a spouse behind while traveling to US is something they believe will
    bring you back.


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      Visitor B1/B2 Visa just got rejected!!!

      I think that they realized that you do not have sufficient social ties in UAE that will make you return. Also they found that your bank statement was decorated for the purpose of acquiring the visa. Social ties and economic circumstances are two major criteria for acquiring visitors' visa. so I agree with peace999 that you would have better chance after marriage.
      Better luck next time