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I want to deliver my baby in US

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  • I want to deliver my baby in US

    Hello eberyone,
    I just want few clarifications....
    Im planning to travel to US when im 4 months pregnant on tourist visa B2 ... Valid till 2020.deliver my baby .. Pay all the expenses take the citizenship of my baby and come back to my country..

    Will thy be able to make out that i m pregnant in my 4th month?? M bit on slimmer body type...???
    If i pay all the bills will there be an issue when i apply for the visa renewal??? Will there be any type of ban on my entry to the US in future???
    If they provide me with 6month entry ( which they did twice when i travelled to US for tourist purposes)will thy extend it on my request to make and prepare all the docs for my baby ???

    Any other advise and suggestions would be of great help...

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    Congratulations on being pregnant!

    Be prepared to be upfront about your plans to the CBP officer when applying for admission at the port of entry. Regardless of your plans, be prepared to be given only a 6 months authorized duration of stay.

    Part of being prepared is having:
    specific plans for your stay in the United States
    specific plans to return abroad
    arrangements to defray all expenses with your stay (including health insurance and cash in the bank, securing a place to stay, securing assistants and attendants) taking into account the possibilities of complications in the birth
    demonstrating strong ties to a homeland abroad
    an explanation of the effect of your long stay on your residence at home (how can you be absent from your job for so long? how are you accommodating the needs of the father who will have joint custody of the baby?)

    Be prepared to apply for an extension of status when you get here. You will need to put a package together that covers all the topics above, as well as a cover letter explaining the situation.

    As always, be prepared for denial of admission, and be prepared for denial of extension of authorized stay.


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      To add to what inadmissibale has stated:

      Future B2 visa applicants, be prepared for things to get tougher when people abuse their approved visas.

      'Anchor babies' is attracting attention these days in the US.


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        "Anchor baby" is a phrase made up by my fellow citizens who hate all immigrants, pregnant or not. After all, having a baby and waiting 21 years, is the dumbest way to get a green card. It would be so much easier and quicker to go to school to become a physical therapist (Schedule A occupation). Birth tourism occurs for largely two reasons, aliens who want to avail themselves of high quality medical care, and aliens who want to avoid home country regulation. For example, Chinese parents who want to have more than one child, or Singaporean/Israeli/South Korean parents who do not want their children subject to mandatory military service.

        There is no prohibition against pregnant women coming here to give birth.

        CBP is only going to be concerned if the alien may become a "public charge", a ward of the state.

        So the usual caveats apply: tell the truth at consular interviews and at the port of entry (lest the alien be accused of fraud, barring her from all future visits to the United States), have specific plans for the visit (a letter from a doctor & hospital stating that they have reviewed the aliens medical records, been in contact with her current neonatal specialist, and is willing to treat her and the baby, fee schedule), and have arrangements to defray all costs (insurance, and cash in the bank).

        If anyone has concerns before travelling when pregnant, they should call CBP and talk to them. There is no such thing as "pre-admission", so as always admission is at the discretion of the CBP officer at the port of entry. Most of them have kids at home, and are therefore "baby friendly". See, for example https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/det...3D/suggested/1

        Having a baby in the United States is very expensive. My first two children were born uneventfully, and that cost $16,000 each. My third child had to spend one night in the NICU, and the total bill was about $20,000. In comparison, back in country I was born, a public hospital would have charged me the equivalent of US$3 each delivery. We here in the United States should be happy that foreigners want to contribute to our healthcare industry, if they have that kind of cash.

        We wanted to have the baby here because we wanted to have the very best for our babies in case there were any complications. Who would blame any alien who wanted the same? Our medical bills would have easily been four times as much if there were any issues. Our insurance covered most of the expense, but as we all know health insurance is super expensive to begin with
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          Originally posted by inadmissible View Post

          "Anchor baby" is a phrase made up by my fellow citizens who hate all immigrants, pregnant or not.
          I know the term well. I am an American citizen myself. I do not hate immigrants but I despise those who game the system, who draw from the system without putting anything in. There is no explicit prohibition against "anchor babies" but it is a way to game the system (in this instance, a flawed law).

          Since this is a tangential issue to this forum, I shall say no more.