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MRV Receipt Fee not activated

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  • MRV Receipt Fee not activated


    I have done a NEFT for 21,120 ( 2 applicants , 66x2x160) on Monday at 3pm. My MRV fee is still not activated. What could be the reason for delay. Please help..

    I transferred from HDFC Bank to Bank Of America , Mumbai

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    MRV Receipt

    I am having Similar trouble problem as you .
    I had done MY Payment from SBI To bank of America at 10 AM Today , it's 11:30 PM and the MRV receipt has still not been activated .
    What was your experience and what should I do?


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      I as well in same boat. Paid fees for parents 21,120 via NEFT, HDFC to BOFA. Received confirmation of funds transfer from HDFC but not reflected in account to be able to take appointment. It currently asks me for entering receipts for both applicants. I am not too sure one what to enter there as I have not received any receipts on it. As far as I know, I should be able to go to next step automatically once MRV gets activated. Called helpline, they say it can take anytime from 3hrs to 2 days. Is this normal? Anyone with any such experience, please share your story.


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        MRV fee receipt not activated.

        I am in very similar situation. Paid fees for my parents 21,120 on Monday via NEFT from HDFC to BOFA. It's yet not activated. I have received confirmation from HDFC as funds got transferred. On website it asks me to enter receipts for both applicants but not sure what to enter as I have received no receipts on this. As far as I know, it should automatically take me to next step as soon as MRV gets activated. Correct me if not. Called helpline this morning and found activation could take anytime from 3hours to 2 days. Let me know if anyone has experienced this, share your story.