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B2 Visa denied- please help!

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  • B2 Visa denied- please help!

    Hello everyone,
    I'm in need of some advice

    My and my partner attempted to travel to America last summer for 3 months of travelling. I was Able to apply from the waiver visa however my partner (who is now 26) was arrested when he was 12 and 18 for minor situations such as cannabis (small a amount) and carrying a minor weapon (knuckle duster). However he did not get in any serious trouble and his parents were called when he was young, the second time he received a caution. (something which he now massively regrets as a child)
    He has never been in any trouble with the police since. He works full time and has his driving licence. He also requested an ACRO police certificate which came back as "no live trace" which means they hold information about the arrests however it is not deemed as relevant anymore.

    Many people told us to lie on the application as the ACRO had came back clear and he "should be fine". However we decided to be honest, and wanted to do it properly therefor he applied for a B2 tourist visa and booked his appointment at the London embassy. my partner was completely Honest and put down on the application about his convictions as a child but explained that they are no longer relevant.

    Unfortunately, my partner was denied his visa. They did not ask him many questions and after a brief sit down he was rejected . Travelling to America is a huge dream of ours and we are willing to seek legal advice so that we would be able to travel there next summer. We have been informed that a solicitor could help.
    However we were hoping somebody online may be able to help. We really do not want to accept defeat and give up.
    Any helpful advice or suggestions would be massively appreciated as to what our options are from here!

    we really thought by being honest it would go in our favour especially with him being in a good job and it being nearly 10 years ago, but that wasnt the case!

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    I suggest that you contact an immigration attorney regarding this.
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      Good that you been honest during the interview.

      Talk to an attorney, he can certainly help - mentioning that applicant did that during childhood & now he is out of all those & being honest to admit the mistakes.
      - I am not an Attorney, hence not giving any legal advice. Just sharing MY opinion with an intent to help others.

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