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Advises Going for an Oil and Gas conference as a Software Developer

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  • Advises Going for an Oil and Gas conference as a Software Developer

    I will be going for my visa Interview come March 6th this year, conference invitation though on Oil and gas, I have taken to memory the hotel, the address as well as the inviting party Invitation Information there in Texas.
    I am believing By the grace of God I will make headway, I have over 5 years of experience Working here in Nigeria, Not married... Now here comes my question.

    If I am going for a Conference would the visa officer ask me Questions Relating to the Conference? I am a Solutions Architect / Software Developer and I am going for an Oil and gas conference. We have built some Automated Projects for Some oil and gas companies too, and I stated it in my DS-160. Again, In the University, We did borrowed courses for Engineering and thats how I came to understand this course as well, Though not 100% , its a borrowed course - Remember.

    What do you think, I am already studying about the Technology and Naval Architecture.
    Advise needed.

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    If you are asked basic questions about the conference you are going to, you should be able to answer them.
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