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Arrest during previous B-2 visa

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  • Arrest during previous B-2 visa


    My partner has previously visited the United States and was arrested unfairly for theft >=$1500<$20K - it wasn't her who committed it but she was unfairly arrested as part of association. The case was eventually dismissed anyway as her visa was due to expire within a few weeks and she went back to her country (Moldova). She also has EU citizenship, but not an ESTA country (Romania).

    Do you think she will ever be able to travel to the USA again? I'm a British Citizen and I regularly travel to the USA on business, but was thinking some time it would be nice for us to go on vacation there. Do you think she would be able to get a B-2 travel visa? The case was dismissed but I'm unsure as to whether it was dismissed with or without prejudice.

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    Your partner would need to apply for US visitors visa and answer everything truthfully and it would be up to the consulate officer to decide.
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