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B2 Visa Rejection at UAE - ties- Section 214(b)

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  • B2 Visa Rejection at UAE - ties- Section 214(b)

    I got rejection for B2 visa in UAE . They give me the reason that I don’t have strong ties to Dubai .

    Here what Happened .

    I went in Around 8:00Am

    Me : Hello
    visaofcr: ( Not even looking at me , doing something on computer )
    Me : hello Again
    visaofcr:Hi, How long you’ve been working in your company
    Me : 1.5 years but I am here from last 5 years
    visaofcrid you ever traveled outside of US with your family ?
    Me: Yes, I went to UK alone but not with family
    visaofcr:What is your Monthly salary in Dubai ?
    Me: Told salary !
    visaofcr:It is good , and you are young .
    visaofcr to wife : Who lives in US .
    my wife: My brother-in-law
    visaofcr:What he does there ?
    My wife : HE is a software developer .
    visaofcr: So he is also in IT ( ahan )

    visaofcr: Since you guys are young , you worked 1.5 years in the current company and you never traveled with your family . First go and travel somewhere outside UAE then come back for visa . Sorry we cant give you visa .

    I was shocked , Why ? She even didn’t ask any paper from me as I have an invitation letter from bro-in-law which not only addressing me but also visa officer .
    I have bank statement , I have all the letters from company ( NOC) .

    I spoke to my bro-in-law and he said when you’ve finished the "greeting" part with visa officer you should’ve gave her the invitation letter + consulate letter in which he is telling that he is inviting us over in US and he is responsible for everything . This way if she would’ve gone through the letters you have chance .

    I was expecting her to ask me about the documents . She asked me everything too fast I couldn’t able to buy time .

    Appealing part - She rejected me under section 214-B which is
    If you were denied under Section 214(b) you may reapply if you have new information which you did not present to the interviewing officer at the time of your first application or if your overall circumstances have changed significantly since you last applied and you feel that you can now show that you have strong ties outside the United States.

    Question ?

    Do you guys think I should appeal and go in again for the interview and this time give invitation + Visa officer letter to consulate right away . So they become certain that I am have some relative in US who is sponsoring it is not verbal ?

    What are the way I can proof that I have strong ties to Dubai . for example .
    - I am head of IT Desktop Support
    - I have vacation as well as NOC from my company

    Any other .

    Please advice !

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    Hi visa question

    Thats absolutely not a good omen for me as I have my interview later this week. And I tick all the boxes that you do, young, good salary, applying wth my wife.

    Except that I have travelled to the Far Eastwith my wife, and have been working at my present company for 5 years....

    I think they make their decision in a second or 2.

    Handing over the documents would probably have made little difference.

    in fact, i think its better not to volunteer information or papers unless its exceptional.

    The main facts that went against you are your age and the fact that you havet travelled to many countries..


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      @Visa Question

      My question is on a different note but it relates to your case as I read that you appeared for the interview with the US consulate in UAE (Dubai).

      I have scheduled my parents interview next week at the same place and would like to know if they would give them a Hind translator? While scheduling the appointment, it never asked me any translation needs, so I am bit confused. You response will highly be appreciated.



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