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b2 visa denied for parents 2 times in hyderabad

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  • b2 visa denied for parents 2 times in hyderabad

    Hello, we are not sure why my parents got rejection.

    Initial Interview
    whats do you do?
    How many children and what do they do?
    handed 214(b)

    2nd interview after 3 weeks
    how long you you going to stay?
    2 months
    location of your son in usa?

    handed 214(b)

    Ridiculous rejections...

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    You are the only best person to identify what exactly is the issue.

    Remember interview is NOT the only basis of allocating any visa. They do background verification of your profile.

    Just trying to help you -
    Does your parents have any criminal cases?
    Did he lied (directly/indirectly) during interview or DS160?
    Were they involved in any scientist, aeronautical projects etc?
    Are they potential immigrants (fully dependent on you)?
    and lot more ... try to see if they really qualify for the visa.
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