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Supporting documents from home country in another country of residence

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  • Angel100
    I have a similar case and need help please.

    I am Ghanaian but living in Mali as i have my business running here in Mali. I met my American boyfriend online and we want to meet in August for just 7 days as i can’t leave my business for long.
    I also have a one day Conference to attend which i have already booked a ticket online for.
    Now my problem is should i let him send me an invitation letter or can i apply myself as a tourist going for an event.

    I have my PR in Mali
    I have a registered company here
    I have an active account that can fund my one week travel
    I have my lease agreements ( house )
    I have a traveling history ( Germany)

    I want to be prepared since i will start my application in June. Please help me with suggestions

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  • PKumar01
    "Embassy shopping" in order to try to get a better chance of visa approval is a common concept that Consulates are aware of and that's why applicants are frequently denied. That's why your visa situation looks bleak. You can retry but a change of situation may help.

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  • Libra_14
    You are holding PR for Philippines & living in Malaysia - still having ties to Nigeria - isn't it contradicting ?

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  • PKumar01
    You can retry but many things were probably at play here. Nigeria is a mostly-denied country (statistics wise) for b1/b2 visas. Considering all that you've mentioned, I believe their objection might've been the fact that you applied for a US tourist visa outside your home country in hopes of not getting denied.

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  • Supporting documents from home country in another country of residence

    I have 3 countries of residence.

    1. I am Self-employed and own my real estate company in my home country and I have strong ties. (Country of Citizenship) Nigeria
    2. I am married to a foreigner in which I have a residence visa in my wife's country. (Residence permit) Philippines
    3. I am pursuing my Ph.D. program in another country ( Student Visa) Malaysia

    I applied for a US tourist visa in Malaysia last year but I was rejected without checking my documents. I think the officer thinks I am a student and I can't afford my trip.

    My question is can I use supporting documents and bank statements from my home country for a tourist visa in another country of residence.