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B1/B2 Revoked, Denied entry at Port - Sent back to Country

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  • B1/B2 Revoked, Denied entry at Port - Sent back to Country

    Hello All,

    This was a dramatic day, ive had a B1/B2 since 1996, and have yearly trips pretty much each year, barring 2005, 2012 and 2019, on my last trip in 2018 I was in the US from May - July, and now in Jan when I went to US they said I cant enter, I had no clue, infact the CBP was extremely nice they even said and I quote, "We, don't even know why are we talking to you'' he went on and on in the system and I sat there like a nervous human, finally he said that in July 2018 my departure record doesn't exist, I showed him my passport with Indian arrival stamp, lucky I had emirates tickets on my email, also boarding passes, stamps from UK and Schengen in 2019 but he said Im sorry there is nothing I can do and in their records it said they did send me an email on my old account which I don't have access to since the visa was issued 2011 and I changed my work profile in 2013. But irrespective I had to buy super expensive tickets and return and they asked me to once go to the embassy, which I did last week, in Mumbai. The guy was super nice and he asked me for emirates proof of travel which I gave him since I had it with me, and then he said sorry I had to go through this and put a 'CANCELLED' stamp on the existing visa.

    My point is when I apply for a new visa would this hamper me? Also They ask why was my previous visa refused, can I write that there was a departure record error in system? I spoke to a lawyer he said if the stamp was 'Without Prejudice' I wouldn't have any issue but with this I Should hire him?

    Also my work experience now I don't even remember the duration of my previous job which was before 2013, I mean I left in 2013 but don't have exact time frame of the years before and the job before would this cause an issue? its basically 2002 - 2007 and 07 - 13, (approximate years) but I assume in my previous visa forms that data would be accurate,

    Also any such people with such experiences and also how does one prevent such errors? it has been a misery of an expense for an error that I shouldn't have to pay for, but I rather move on than moan?

    Regards and Thanks for all the replies truly.