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Port of Entry - B2 in July /August

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  • Port of Entry - B2 in July /August

    All options considered, I haven't given up on plan to bring my parents in July/August depending on the situation.

    Provided things go well and there's no official restrictions on B2 visitors entering US, what would be the likely questions at the port of Entry for B2 visitor?

    This will be a their first trip and I can not have a travel itinerary for them since anyone would like to avoid non essential travel within USA.

    How can I justify someone traveling on a visitor visa, just to spend quality family time within home?

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    The purpose of B2 is to visit the US. Either travel or spend time with family / friends / etc.
    There is no need to have a special itinerary. Would help if they have a return ticket to show proof that they plan on returning.
    If you plan on taking road trips while in the US, they can mention that as well.
    Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.


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      This makes sense . Thank you