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UK to USA is it possible?

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  • UK to USA is it possible?

    Morning, I am trying to visit my girlfriend who lives in California we have been together for three years and I was just about to fly out to propose to her So we could properly start our lives together- and then COVID happened.

    It’s been a really tough few weeks and and as the months of this travel ban continue, I’ve decided I need to see her regardless of the challenge it may be.

    Could anyone advise me on the options I may have, i have read about travelling via Mexico or Turkey and staying there for two weeks. Are those the only two options I have And if that is viable would I just get a standard B2 from those countries?

    Thanks so much in advanced, Mark

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    Yes, according to the Foreign Office that would be possible. You should apply for ESTA though.


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      Yes, you can travel through Mexico.
      You do not need a visa to travel to Mexico
      You need to apply for and get an approved ESTA before traveling to the US
      Opinion only. Cannot be construed as legal advice.