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Visitor Visa - requested to produce police clearance Malaysia

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  • Visitor Visa - requested to produce police clearance Malaysia


    I am working in Riyadh, KSA. I applied for B2 Visa for myself/spouse and 2 kids(9yrs and 3 yrs old) from US Embassy Riyadh. VO accepted our case and had taken all our passports in after the personal interview in june 2010.
    VO told that 10 years Visa will provided and visa process will take 3 to 4 weeks time.

    Very next week I received spouse and kids passports with 10 yrs Visa however my passport was not received.

    In the Meantime, I had received an email from US Embassy asking for my police report from Malaysia to continue processing my visa.

    This made me confused as I went to Malaysia only as a tourist during year 2006 along with my family and spent only 5 days in Malaysia(Malaysia visa stamped in my old passport which VO did not take it during interview but I mentioned malaysia in countries visited list in my DS-160 application)

    I had replied mail to US Embassy with scanned copies of my old passport,malaysia visa,date entered and exited from malaysia.

    After a month time, I received a call from US Embassy saying that I will not be provided visa unless untill if I do not submit Malaysia Police Report.

    When I approached the malaysia Embassy for the police report,officer told me that Police reports are provided only for some body who worked in Malaysia or studies there or spent 6 months in Malaysia. As my case does not fall any of this categories, i have no chance to get police report.

    I do not know how to proceed now to get my B2 Visa. sorry for the quite lengthy statement here http://www.immihelp.com/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif, if any one had any such experience before, please share with me, please advice how do i progress further now.

    (Note - I had 6 months B1 visa through my ex employer in 2003, but I did not travel due circumstances)



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    Would it be possible for you to get a letter from the Malaysian embassy that clarifies that rule in writing that you could then submit to the US embassy?


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      Thank you so much for your kind reply. Indeed I asked Malaysian Embassy officer whether I could get the details by writing which he did not accept rather asked me to inform US visa officer as told by malaysian embassy. I am bit hesitant.

      I am not sure how do I handle this situation. they returned by passport back and I checked that there is no remark on any pages. If I apply again after 6 months period or something, would they repeat the same?


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        Received a mail from US Embassy requesting for my passport and valid purpose my travel. valid purpose of travel is tourism.

        should i have to show them ticket or something or just to mention my trip is for tourism.




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          Finally got my Visa stamped.