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Help with understanding my B1/B2 Visa Annotations

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  • Help with understanding my B1/B2 Visa Annotations

    Hi all,

    I am new to the site, so hello! I wondered if anyone is able to help me? Long story short - I am a UK citizen, I stupidly overstayed my ESTA (long story) and was deported from the USA. I was told my ban was 5 years, which ended last year 2021 - so I applied for a B1/B2 visa to be able to visit the US as a visitor. At my interview at the embassy, I was told that my ban was actually 10 years, I had been given the wrong info when I was deported so I had another 4 to go, and wasn't eligible to get a visa. Annoying but my own fault. I then received an email saying I needed to send off my passport to have my visa put in - I thought that they perhaps they had to put a stamp in my passport saying that my visa had been denied, and this was a generic email.

    However upon picking up my passport, I have a US B1/B2 visa valid for 5 years in my passport. It has some annotations, and I wondered if anyone might be able to help figure them out.

    The annotation is:

    212 (SMALL D) (3) (A) WAIVER OF 212 (A) (9) (A) (2) GRANTED

    I know the 212 refers to 212 of the immigration act under which I was deported, and I am guessing the part where if says waiver of 212 granted means they have granted my application and given me permission to enter the US again?

    Just slightly freaking out, and thinking they have put a visa in my passport that says I am not allowed to enter the US which I know seems crazy, but just super confused as came away from my visa appointment thinking I wasn't able to get a visa!

    Any help much appreciated!

    Thanks. M