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5 months US Visa administrative processing for non immigrant visa

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  • 5 months US Visa administrative processing for non immigrant visa

    Its been 5 months since my interviee and my case is still undergoing administrative processing. The problem is my passport is taken from me after my interview for the administrative processing. Its been 5 months and I need my passport now as I need to travel outside of Canada https://19216811.cam/​. I have emailed them a few times regarding this but they keep telling me to just wait. What should I do? I try calling the number i found in the website but there are only bots and not an agent. I really need my passport soon
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    If your passport is being held for administrative processing, it's difficult to expedite the process. However, you can try to contact the embassy or consulate via email or phone, and ask if there's any way to expedite your case. It's important to keep in mind that administrative processing can take a long time, so it's best to plan accordingly and avoid making any travel plans until you have your passport back in hand.MyGeorgiaSouthern Portal

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