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Parents Coming to my Wedding Issue

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  • Parents Coming to my Wedding Issue


    My parents want to apply for their Tourist Visa to come to my wedding in the US. I'm marrying a US citizen.

    Here's where the problem is:
    My F-1 Student Visa grace period expired in April. I'm applying for green card soon, so I will be on "adjustment of status". However, in the meantime, I'm out-of-status (F1 expired).

    So, when the consular officer asks my parents who they know in the US, they will say my name (they will not lie).

    I have 2 questions:

    1. Will the consular officer see on his screen that I am in the US out-of-status?

    2. If yes, is this an instant denial of my parents' visitor visa because of immigration status?

    Thank you so much in advance ‚Äč