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B1b2 processing post approval

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  • B1b2 processing post approval

    Hello all... I appeared for my B1B2 interview on 17th January and the visa officer said that my visa was approved. Still...I have a query ... It has been 18 working since the interview but my status https://9apps.ooo/​ is yet APPROVED only... I wanted to ask that in how many days can I expect to change it to ISSUED... I am quite worried if this is the normal time gap the embassy takes to process approved visas or if my case is taking too long?
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    1. After approval, the consulate or embassy where the application was processed will issue the visa in the applicant's passport. This visa will specify the visa type (B1, B2, or both), validity dates, number of entries allowed, and any other relevant conditions.
    2. Passport Return: The applicant's passport, now containing the visa, will be returned to them either via courier or in-person pickup, depending on the procedures of the consulate or embassy.
    3. Travel Preparation: With the approved visa in hand, the applicant how to use airbrush can now prepare for their travel to the United States. This may include booking flights, accommodations, and making other necessary arrangements for their stay.