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Can I still visit Japan?

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  • Can I still visit Japan?

    I want to visit Japan someday. The issue is I got charged with a misdemeanor a few years ago causing me to have an arrest record. I wasn't convicted and The charge wasn't drug/alcohol related and was neither an assault charge. Even though I got my record expunged can I still get a visa to enter Japan?

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    Have you applied for a Japan visa? If you are a U.S. citizen, no visa is needed to enter Japan. But Japan may be headed towards the ability to access the NCIC U.S. law enforcement database for all U.S. entrants, after which you could be denied entry for certain types of criminal history

    --Ray B


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      Yes, i think you can i don't think so it's a big issue, all you to do contact your near visa embassy they will guilde you regarding you issue.


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        Yup, you still can can visit Japan as long as the charges you have last time have been already settled and clear.
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