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B1/B2 expired, but did't give option for Drop Box

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  • B1/B2 expired, but did't give option for Drop Box

    Dear All;
    I got B1/B2 visa (while my petition I-130 F3 still not approve) in 2016 for 5 years from Saudi Arabia, and visited USA three times for 30 days only on each trip . Now my visa expired in Mar-2021. I am re-applying visa my all particulars are same nothing changed and I used the same USA Embassy profile which I used to apply in 2016.

    This year when I re-applied the B1/B2 visa and scheduling the interview date, system did not give me option to apply by drop box. Can anyone let me know what could be the mistake I did, so automatic system didn't allow me for drop box option to me. My Interview Date is 17-Jun-2021.

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    Can u please advise the procedure from saudi to apply us visa first time pls?