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B2 visa- extension for a week ?

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  • B2 visa- extension for a week ?

    My parents visited the US on April 3rd 2021 and had a planned return ticket journey on Oct 3rd through AirIndia. The duration of stay was planned for 6 months. Now we received a update from Air India about their flight being moved forward by 5 days i.e. on Oct 8th due to operational reasons. Their passport is stamped for 3rd oct by US port of entry authority and they have a valid visa until Feb 2022. Please help me by addressing my following concerns.
    1) Should we still apply for extension is this case for 5 days?
    2) Will they be questioned when leaving about this even though this was a airlines fault and not related to pandemic or personal reasons?
    3) They don't plan to return until renewing the visa do will it be a problem when they apply for renewal of Visa ?
    Thank you