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Visitor insurance plan for preexisting conditions

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  • Visitor insurance plan for preexisting conditions

    I am looking for an insurance plan for my father who is 73 of age and has a couple of preexisting conditions, which has been stable and is being managed by his routine medications. He is traveling to US from China next week and will stay with us for only 7 days. I found safetravel covers new onset and reoccurrence of pre existing conditions for up to a certain amount, however, when I was ready to pay for the coverage, I was asked to checked a box stating I am aware coverage excludes any preexisting conditions. I am confused to be honest. In its overview on ur website, it specifically stated it will cover to a small amt. Therefore, I would like to know how do I know for sure this plan will cover the preexisting conditions related incident as it claimed in their overview? Also, whats the best traveler insurance for seniors over age of 70, if this one is not good?

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    Thank you for contacting Insubuy for your insurance needs. There are no short term health insurance plans on the market which will provide coverage for a pre-existing condition. The plans are primarily designed to cover only any new illnesses, injury or accidents which occur after the effective date of the policy. The acute onset of a pre-existing condition is defined as a sudden and unexpected recurrence of a pre-existing condition that occurs all of a sudden and without any prior symptoms or warnings and treatment must be taken within 24 hours. If something were to happen to the insured, which is due to a pre-existing condition, it must meet the acute onset definition in order for the plan to provide coverage. I have included a link to the acute onset of a pre-existing condition FAQ which also provides a few examples. If you have any additional questions please let us know. You may also contact our office at (866) INSUBUY and speak with a licensed agent.

    Acute Onset of a Pre-existing condition FAQ:
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