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Price calculation for visitors insurance

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  • Price calculation for visitors insurance

    My parents are visiting US in a few weeks and I am planning on getting comprehensive insurance for them.
    I got the Patriot America IMG policy last time and plan on getting the same.

    My question is regarding age.
    My dad turns 70 mid way through his stay. How is the policy going to work.
    If at the time of purchase he is between 65-69 yrs is this the rate that will be applicable for him?
    My mother is in the range 50-59yrs.

    Please advice.

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    Price is calculated at the time of effective date of initial purchase and also at the time of renewal. Therefore, if he is going to be 69 on the day of effective date, you have to pay according to age 69. If you happen to renew the insurance after he turns 70, you will be charged according to 70. However, if you just buy insurance for his entire stay while he is 69, you would be charged according to 69.

    Also, please note that only $50,000 policy maximum is available for age 70. If you are planning to purchase $50,000, there won't be any change in the policy maximum when he turns 70.
    If you are planning to buy higher policy maximum, policy maximum would be reduced to $50,000 the day he turns 70. In that case, we have other options that we can discuss.

    You can make instant purchase online at for Patriot America.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any other questions.
    Thanks & Regards
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