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Buying medical insurance for visiting parents

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  • Buying medical insurance for visiting parents

    I have been going through the reviews and comments on your website and saw a various occasions, where it is stated that buying medical insurance from India for visiting relatives to USA is a mistake that everyone does.

    Also there is a difference between fixed and comprehensive coverage insurances. Is there any place I can go to for getting detailed information on how they differ? What I am looking for is help on understanding the difference in coverages between fixed and comprehensive with examples.

    Would appreciate your help. Also request you to guide me in how to approach buying an insurance.

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    1. All the comments you see on our web site are posted by the users like you.

    2. You can look at the differences and examples at

    3. You can purchase it online at or you can call us to buy over the phone. Same procedure either way.

    Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions.
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