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  • Patriot America Medication refill

    My Dad has diabetics, kidney stone and blood pressure problem.

    He is on medication from past couple of years in India and now he is going to stay here until March 2008.
    He got prescribed medication for 2 months from India. Doctor allowed only 2 moths of medication.

    He already got prescriptions for 6 months so that he can refill each month,

    Now questions are
    1) Can i refill his medication here in USA California? If yes what about the payment?
    2) Would Pharmacy allow prescription from other country?
    3) Another possibility is that I can ask my relative so send the medication by currier from India, any issues with this in terms of custom duties?

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    1. You will have to get a prescription from US doctor. You will have to pay all the amount yourself. No insurance company is going to pay for it.

    2. I don't think so.

    3. That is the best option. I myself have done that in past for my visiting relative. They can send it by courier like FedEx, DHL etc. You will have to attach original receipt from pharmacy. They will have to fill a customs form where it describes the medicine, dose, price etc. Most of the couriers have that form automated in their system. The courier charge will be double of normal charge.

    Another friend of mine and also my customer's mother got sick in couple of days after coming to US. She had malaria which was pre-existing condition and not covered by insurance. As per my advice, he also asked his relative to courier him malaria medicine from Mumbai, India and it worked.
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      Thanks a lot for reply.