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Maternity expenses for already pregnant woman visiting USA

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  • Maternity expenses for already pregnant woman visiting USA

    hi iam 26 weeks pregnant and iam on a visitors visa .my i-94 is valid till next feb 2008 .My delivery due is in dec 2nd week.Everybody incluing my parents sister family and my husband are here and i badly want my delivery to be done here.I have been searching for insurance companies and i even met 2 -3 agents from diferent companies and they are saying that i need to pay 500 -600 dollars a month and at delivery time around 5000 or 3500 dollars.i dont know how far i can trust them. Pls reply.

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    We, as an insurance broker, work with many different insurance companies.

    To the best of my knowledge, I am not aware of any individual insurance product from any company that would cover maternity expenses if you are already pregnant.
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