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Need recommendations on Visitor Insurance

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  • Need recommendations on Visitor Insurance

    Dear Friends

    My parents are going to be visiting me for the next six months.
    I would like to get recommendations on Insurance companies who provide
    a medical card, which can be used for any necessary doctor visits ?

    I prefer not to get the Insurance, where you have to spend money, and then try to claim it from the Insurance company.

    If there are any folks, who have used such Insurance, it will be nice to get Feedback from them i.e. personal experience good OR bad. Also if there are any Insurance agents on this alias, if you could point me to some concrete evidence of Insurance companies who pay covered expenses.

    Thanks for your time

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    Look at Atlas America Insurance

    It provides health insurance card. It participates in First Health/PHCS PPO network which has around 500,000 physicians and 4,700 hospitals in the network that recognize the insurance card, bill the insurance company directly and also charge you the network negotiated fees.

    You can read more about it at https://www.insubuy.com/atlas-americ...ors-insurance/ to see how it works.
    Thanks & Regards
    Toll Free: (866) INSUBUY
    Local: (972) 985-4400
    Fax: (972) 767-4470
    Website: http://www.insubuy.com