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Anyone know about Bajaj Allianz

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  • Anyone know about Bajaj Allianz

    Bajaj Allianz is a venture from Bajaj and Allianz AG of Europe. Their insurance rates are reasonable and you have to buy that in India.

    I heard that they are very good in honoring the claims too. Anone has any experience with them.

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    Based on my recent experience, check the following things before buying insurance :-
    - Availability of a 24 hour toll free number in USA for opening cases, filing claims, etc. It will be very painful if you had to call India or some other country every time you need assistance.
    - Whether the local office in USA sends authorizations to the doctor/hospital when you need a medical service? Or they require you to pay first and then file a claim.
    - Average time period for getting a claim settled. The insurance company I recently used gives all sorts of reasons for delaying the settlement of claims, such as lack of staff, too many postal mails, etc - basically bullshit!
    - Can you extend the policy with the same terms and conditions for say 1 month, 3 months, etc, in case you have to. God forbid, but in case a medical emergency requires the visitor to extend stay in USA, you may suddenly land in a situation where the visitor needs medical help and you can't buy an insurance for him/her, because the illness is now a pre-existing condition.