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Visitor insurance for my visiting dad

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  • Visitor insurance for my visiting dad

    Dear Sir,

    I am looking to buy visitors insurance for my dad who is visiting me. I have bought insurance for him twice before (Protection America Comprehensive) from you. The question I have is; am I supposed to buy it for a minimum of 3 months? He is going to be here for 6 months but I want to buy every month as his plans may change. I am ready to pay $5.00 renewal fee. Another question I have is; there is a question of the state. He is going to stay with me or my sisters (Arizona or Georgia or Alabama). How can I answer this question?

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    If you want to go month by month you can go for protection america. It will cost you little bit more.

    And if you want to go for 3m at a time then you can go for Patriot America with lower premium.

    If he is not sure, how long he will stay here, its advisable to go for Protection America.

    Protection America is an international insurance your dad willl get coverage everywhere in the world except his home country.
    Some plan is not available in state of NY that's why we ask that quesion on our website.
    But you dad will be in AZ, GA and AL so that question is not applicable to you.

    Here is the Protection America brochure and instant purchase link,

    Patriot America brochure and instant purchase link,

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me.
    Thanks & Regards
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